Search Engine Expert in Melbourne

A lot of business owners don’t realize that the way Google chooses which website to show up high in their searches, is really something that Search Engines Specialists like me can optimize for, because Google just uses a predictable formula.

Since 2002, optimization of websites has been a passion for me the moment I found out they can be manipulated in your benefit.

If you want to try me out, I go based on results, like a personal injury lawyer usually does. I build a website for you that is worked on to come up on the first page of Google when somebody searches for lucrative keywords that benefit your business. Which means that hundreds, or even thousands, of additional prospects will come and visit your website, and once this happens, you pay me each month a set fee or per lead if you like the results your getting.

There is a process I followed to become Melbourne’s #1 SEO Specialist

There are two places that Google’s formula looks as it decides which website to feature highly in its free search listings. It looks at your website itself, and it takes dozens of factors into account.

Then it looks at the links coming into your website from other sites. For those incoming links from other sites, the relevance of the links and the quality of the other website is important. There are many ways to make this look unnatural to google, but I am aware of those factors, so we give Google the things it is looking for.

When you know someone, who specializes in Google Free Search, and there aren’t very many of us, it tends to be very cost effective way to boost your online presence. One way we can structure the deal is:

  • I set up the website and work on getting it ranked.
  • We agree on a set fee per lead and I optimize the site to generate business for your company. This process can take 2-6 months
  • I generally ask for half up front then the remaining commitment at the end.
  • Once the quota is finished I am happy to move to a monthly retainer or Per Lead Model if your happy and making sales.

This is not some general offer you might have received via email spam, or maybe a call by a corporate type of link scam or any other SEO offer

For the most part people feel happy and excited to meet somebody in person who knows “Search Engine Domination” which to them is quite a mysterious but attractive concept.

Well, the good news is that I’m a person who lives and works right here in Melbourne, Australia, not some email. I go by results and I’m motivated to develop an ongoing business relationship with you. I’m just me, my own one man gang, a virtual office so overhead is almost non-existent. There aren’t all that many Search Engine Specialists like myself – It takes a certain kind of person who both wants to work for himself and is a certain type of ‘Geek’ to do this sort of thing.

Other offers you may have seen tend to fall into 3 categories:

  • To Run what is called pay-per-click which isn’t free search at all, but you pay to show up in the paid ads nearby the free search listings
  • An offer to give your website low quality incoming links that Google isn’t impressed much with at all
  • Occasionally a legitimate search engine optimization company will come along who I have consulted with in the past and offer you a deal (generally $1000 a month or more), they are not local, probably can’t meet them personally, and they don’t guarantee results like I do

I have ventured out of the corporate world and am passionate about generating leads for local and national business’s here in Melbourne & Australia. The reason this is done so inexpensively for now, is I want to build great relationships with the businesses of Melbourne and watch their companies thrive via the power of online marketing.

Every opportunity I attack with passion, gratitude and enthusiasm.

If you would like to partner with me, fill out the form below and let’s dominate your competition together.