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Why SEO is a must for every business

Search engine optimization is the process of taking a website and ranking it on the first page of Google for perspective transactional, lucrative keywords, that are going to result in sales for you.

It can be your own websites, local business, YouTube Video, Amazon Page, Ecommerce Store etc.

Ranking your online property is the most profitable way to spend your marketing efforts over the long haul and have search engines send you leads and sales to skyrocket your sales.

Back in 2002 I discovered to my surprise that SEO worked, immersing myself into the world of Search Engine Optimization. I became friends with other SEO masters & formed groups to explore the boundaries of what is possible

We experimented with countless ideas, striving to get better results. Over the years we refined our methods to create systems that just work.

As a group, we have many websites that rank for big money keywords. I no longer build sites for myself but partner with people like yourself & together we build your company online.

Using Tried, Tested & Propriety Methods along with the absolute latest trends and techniques I acquire your website will achieve extraordinary grown that will put you months, even years ahead of your competition and prosperous times ahead.

It’s all about the Links

Google looks at links like a popularity contest, they pretty much count links as votes. The more links you have and the more reputable they are counts. So more votes your website has the higher that website will rank in organic search.

At a higher level, the key to link building is Quality & Relevance, the quality of the domain you’re getting the link from counts, eg. Getting a link from Forbes or some random blogpost. The Forbes link is very high quality & high authority domain.

Relevance is also a big key, this is the vertical or niche that the link is coming from, so if you have a website about “Travel” and getting links from “Finance” it doesn’t really make sense.

Velocity plays are part in the grand scheme which is the speed of the links you require

So, it’s all about Quality | Authority | Relevance | Velocity in your Links, and the combination of these are still the number #1 ranking factor for Google & most important part of the SEO strategy.

At Webjedi, we use a combination of “old school” linking strategies combined with efficient modern techniques that propels your website to higher reach in the search engine.

There is no denying you must have a strong online presence to prosper in today’s market

Traditional media like Phone Book & Yellow Pages are finished.
People are pulling out their mobile phones or computers & searching for a plumber or mechanic or best so & so.

If your business is not listed in that top 1-2-3-5 on google you are losing market share to your competitors who are there & ultimately your business will fail.

How we do it?

To sum it up in a few paragraphs and give you an overview of the whole process.

We start with your website and do the on-page optimization with all the parameters that’s needed for Search Engines to know what your about while hinting to them what keywords we want each page on your website to rank for.

Tweak the Title Tags, Fix the Headers, H1, H2, make the meta tags compelling, Alt Tag the Images, Schema, just to name a few of the on-page tasks we complete.

Next, it’s about accumulating in proportion different types of links from all over the web that tells Google what keywords you would like to rank your site for. We explore links from Social Sites, Web Authorities, Gov & Edu Sites, Content for Blogs and many more.

Basically, any site that has Relevance in terms of niche or demographic with a High Domain Authority, High Page Authority, High PR, we utilize it.

A competitor analysis is now completed and we see what the market leaders in your niche are doing to rank in the top spots, then it’s about doing what they have done, just that little bit better.

We basically have reversed engineered what google wants so you don’t have too.

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